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The All African Leprosy Rehabilitation and Training Center (ALERT) was established in 1934 to serve as a specialized clinical research and training center for Ethiopia, Africa and beyond on Leprosy, TB and other relevant infectious diseases. ALERT comprises of two big divisions; ALERT training division and ALERT Hospital. The training division of ALERT has a track record of providing training for health professionals in clinical and non-clinical areas for the last 50 years. The center gives basic trainings, training of trainers (TOT) and advanced level courses.

The ALERT training center has been organizing and conducting national and international trainings for health workers in the area of Leprosy, Dermatology, Tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases; addressing both clinical and programmatic issues since 1965 E.C. The center was accepted as a training center for Africa by heads of state of the Organizations of African Union. In addition, it was also recognized as a WHO collaborating center for Leprosy training in 1981 E.C.  Moreover, it has been selected as a center of excellence for HIV/AIDS trainings as of 2009 G.C.

The training center has adequate infrastructure which includes different sized class rooms, LCD and wireless internet access. It has also a hostel (within the ALERT compound) which has a capacity of 28 bed rooms, each room having television set and wireless internet access as well as catering service which serves both international and national dishes.

Currently, the training center is working to improve the learning approach in a more cost effective and efficient manner through blended training by introducing video conferencing and e-Learning platform. To this end, the center has established a state of the art video conference rooms and e-Learning section with the support from MSH- Heal TB project. In line with this, the training center has got a permission to access an infrastructure A 5 MB Woreda-net video data network and Internet facility to access and train remote health professionals.

ALERT training center has been working with different partners that include FMOH, CDC, MSH HEAL-TB, GLRA and others. However, the center would like to further strengthen its collaboration and partnership with other partners and professional associations; as this would help the center to contribute to the HTSP goals and strategies by engaging in Continued Professional Development (CPD) and In-Service Trainings (IST).


To produce professionals capable of providing quality, standardized & comprehensive health services to people living with HIV/ AIDS, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and other relevant infectious diseases & disabilities, which prolong lives and ultimately reduce the disease burden, through training and consultancy services.


To make the training center the  leading and self-sustaining Center of excellence in Training & consultancy services for Leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS, tropical dermatology and other infectious diseases of Public health importance by the year 2020 GC.



Professional Integrity: We strive for high level of professionalism and integrity

Excellence in services: What we always work is to achieve excellence in our service

Trust: We ensure maximum openness and integrity to each other.

Customers first: We are here for nothing but to serve and satisfy our customers and we treat them as we would like to be treated

Commitments: No matter what challenges we face and discomforts we feel, we stand firm, be patient and exert our utmost and sustained effort to achieve our goals.

Collaboration: We work together in sprit of mutual support and understanding to achieve our collective goals.

Continued Professional Development: Education, professional behavior and ethics, competence and performance in work duties

Change: We innovate new ways of doing things and be open minded to reforms.