Alert Center


ALERT Center is one of specialized Federal Referral hospital in Addis Ababa Administrative City. This hospital started ART December 2004 to provide free ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) with the Government of Ethiopia, ENAHPA(Ethiopian Northern American Health Professionals Association) and CCF-C (Christian Children Fund-Canada) being the primary stakeholders. New partners such as Clinton Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, etc are joining the care initiative. In particular Clinton Foundation engaged in pediatric care is emerging as one of the most important stakeholders.

The service was started almost 12 years back to provide free ART to a catchment’s population of around 866506 residing in two big sub-cities of Addis Ababa: Kolfe Keranyo number of population around 499163 and Nefas Silk Lafto number of population around 367343.


Over 7000 HIV cases are being treated with ART and it is treating the highest number of cases next to Zewuditu  Hospital. The unit strives to truck all cases that happen to default. Such efforts would enhance the elimination of HIV by further implementing 90 90 90 initiative.


Providing health education for HIV Care/ART newly enrolled and follow up on selected topics

Triage HIV Care/ART follow-up and newly enrolled then giving priority for those very sick, cougher, scheduled and then at last providing nursing services for unscheduled individuals’ client who come to ART clinic

Providing adherence assessment counseling for newly enrolled HIV Care/ART according national ART guidelines & felling intake form for client who come to ART clinic

Assessing drug adherence counseling for HIV Care/ART follow-up client who come to ART clinic

Providing different kinds of counseling for HIV Care/ART follow up and newly enrolled client who come to ART clinic I.E. Marriage, Family planning, STI, PEP and PMTCT etc.

Nutritional assessment for HIV Care/ART newly enrolled and follows up client who come to ART clinic

Assessing (checking) vital signs for HIV Care/ART newly enrolled and follow up in each visit client who come to ART clinic

Assessing HIV Care/ART follow up for common Opportunistic infection and manage according to national guideline then refill their monthly ART drugs for client  who come to ART clinic

Proper recording and documentation of HIV Care/ART on HMIS register

Carried out all orders i.e. IM, IV, S/C injection according to physician order

Resuscitation for any in shock patients

Transfer out stable HIV Care/ART and TB clients to the nearest of health institution

Receiving Transferred in for consultation from other clinics pt that come to ART clinic for OI management, for follow up HIV care/ART and for TB RX from different health institution

Linkage (Refer) to community based organization (Indigenous Organization) for Financial, psychosocial and material support client who come to ART clinic

Intra facility referral for HIV Care/ART and TB clients who come for different kinds of health problem client

Preparing different kinds of format for laboratory investigations and ready for use

Preparing different kinds of prescriptions and ready for use

Providing DOTs service for TB patient for intensive phase

Providing services for TB patient for continuation phase

Providing Post exposure prophylaxis for health care worker and raped cases