Alert Center


  • 2011 EPHA  ALERT Hospital in recognition of its outstanding health service in       Leprosy and TB  Rehabilitation and Training in Ethiopia .
  • 2011. ALERT Libratory  was  awarded   one  stare  Level  international  accredited  to strengthening laboratory quality selected by  National  accreditation  group
  • ALERT Center celebrated 80th  years  Anniversary.
  • 2011   TB CAP/TB CARE I supported ALERT the renovation of MDR TB treatment next to st.peter Specialized Hospital and  Gondar University hospital .
  • 2012 AHRI  has don a lot of research and published more than 550 papers, in and local international journals.
  • 1982 ALERT was warded the Gold Mercury International Award  “Ad Honored” in recognition of its work .
  • 2002 E.C. national training centre of excellence for HIV/AIDS training form FMOH.