Alert Center

General Surgery

Alert Hospital General Surgery Department


  • Located at the center of ALERT center
  • It is the 6th operation theatre at ALERT hospital (the hospital has 6 separate OT for; plastic and reconstructive, trauma, obygyne, minor OT and for ophthalmic surgery)
  • Started on Hidar 1, 2009 E.C by innovation of Gyn/obs ward and Operation theatre when the Gyn/obs department was transferred to a re-innovated Health centre.
  • Has 18 beds, 1 OR tables (1 additional table in smaller room for septic cases) , 1 autoclave
  • Two recovery beds with monitors where post op patients stays until fully awake
  • Staffs  3 general surgeons for both trauma centre and general surgery department
    • 3 general practitioners
    • 10 Operation theatre nurses
    • 8 ward nurses
    • 1 nurse for surgical referral and surgical OPD
    • 5 cleaners
    • 2 runners
    • 2 porters
    • 1 CSR staff
  • We are open 24hrs a day and 7 days a week for emergency surgery both at general surgery and trauma centre
  • Our surgical OPD is open on working hours of the week covered by 1 General practitioner
  • We have surgical referral clinics 4days per week in the morning hours
  • Our waiting list is zero currently as we are at infant stage for general surgery at ALERT center
  • We have 5 operating days (5 table) per week for elective surgery
  • We do all general surgical emergency and elective cases
  • The most commonly performed emergency case is  for acute appendicitis
  • The most commonly performed elective cases are thyroidectomy, breast surgery, haemorrhoidectomy, chelecystectomy, prostatectomy and etc…
  • Patient source;
  • Referral from catchment areas (7 health centers)
  • Referrals from any other hospitals and private health institutions
  • Direct visit for emergency surgical cases

General surgery have its own operation room run by 3 senior general surgeons of rich experience. It is helping many patients and has surgical schedule every day through the week. The surgeons also play a big role in the surgical management of trauma cases too