Alert Center

Health ICT Development

Develop comprehensive technology technical Support

All Information Technology Accessibility in the center to develop comprehensive support scheme that improved information communication and enhance skill development with innovation

Initiate introduction of new technology

Implementation of selected new technology to the center.

Developed centralized data management system

developing organizational centralized database management system

Developed Interactive and functional website

Developing and upgrading the interactive website.

ICT material Protection and maintenance services

Support and Capacity building of The CENTER’s staff on Health ICT

Key Activities

  1. Assess the existing technology of the center
  2. Assess departments existing utilization
  3. Prioritize support need of departments
  4. Developed Comprehensive support scheme
  5. Provide innovative technical planned support
  6. Assess technology need of ALERT
  7. Select and prioritize new technologies
  8. Develop SOP for introduction of new technology
  9. Initiate the implementation of selected new technology based on the SOP
  10. Assess the data management need of the center
  11. Prioritize the data management
  12. Facilitate the procurement of equipment and  software system
  13. Develop the security mechanism of the data
  14. Develop back up mechanism
  15. Validate the data management system
  16. Test the data management system

Ketsela Desta

Health ICT Development Director