Alert Center

Medical Service Directorate

Hospital Service

ALERT hospital provides specialized health care for leprosy, TB, dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedic, General and reconstructive surgery, Trauma and Emergency, GYN/OBs, TB/MDR-Tb, Dental, Psychiatry and HIV/AIDS/PMTCT.

The Medical Service at ALERT Involved from Leprosy and has grown to the only national referral Center Dermatology.

The Surgical service at ALERT involves orthopedic Physiotherapist, reconstructive and Plastic Surgery rehabilitative, Orthopedic Appliance workshop The workshop provide  Footwear, Prosthetics orthotics and shoe Inspection clinic to Leprosy patients

The Eye Unit supported by Christopher Blind Mission (CBM) has grown especially since 1994 and is giving excellent service to all leprosy and non leprosy patients and is working on prevention of blindness at static, capacity building and outreach services.

The Hospitable part has 250 beds &50% beds occupied by Leprosy patients. The current  fiscal year the hospital has allocated budget of 80,million   Birr for  2009 E.C. and. the center has a total number of 1295 staff more than 1257 permanent and 38 contract employee out of which 559 are medical 698 are supportive staff. 

Dr. Yeheyes Feleke

Medical Director