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Program Overview

Program Overview Telemedicine based MDR TB patient’s case consultation.

 Federal Ministry of Health – ALERT training center is undertaking expansion of innovative approach for conducting TB related training. This enables the center to shift from traditional training approach to a modern training delivery mode. This has been proven to be cost effective, reduces health professional work place displacement and increased in addressing remote health professional to get training at their nearest vicinity of district level health facilities.

As a part of supporting the national health sector transformation plan, ALERT center launched MDR – TB telemedicine patient’s case consultation. By doing so the expertise from ALERT MDR – TB treatment center of excellence can be accessed from remote treatment initiating centers (TIC)’s. ALERT center can now provide a direct patients centered care for remote facilities.

Replicating and bench-marking this experience, USIAD / Challeneg TB supported expansion of this innovative approach to additional three In-service training institution(IST) and hospital in Ethiopia. The institution are Amhara Public Health Institute (APHI) Bahiradar- AMHARA Region , Asela (Arsi Hospital & Health Science College) – Oromia Region and Yergalem Hospital in SNNPR. They are selected by their respective regional health bureau as accredited training center and Hospital to work on expansion of this innovative approach.

In addition to the donation, the institutions are provided with a district level video-data-internet network infrastructure from Ministry of Information Communication Technology (MICT). The infrastructure allows them to connect with ALERT Training center and to a more than 630 district level video conferencing center and facility.  Taking the connectivity infrastructure and facility equipment in to consideration ,the institutions are currently work in twinning partnership with ALERT Center to undertake the expansion of existing video conferencing based blended TB training and MDR TB telemedicine based patient’s case consultation.

In meeting the goal of the national continuous professional development (CPD) programs for health professional, adoption of this innovative approach makes ALERT center to be the only and one of the best top performing training center selected by the Federal Ministry of Health in the country.

Source : Andualem Aklilu