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ALERT hospital pharmacy Services


ALERT CENTER pharmacy has been established with the hospital to provide service for leprosy patients.  Later on, the hospital pharmacy expanded its service to dermatology, ophthalmology, TB, HIV, Pediatrics, surgery, and Gyn/Ob. Now ALERT pharmacy Services is one of the core services which is responsible in providing medications with standardized pharmacy service and ensure the accessibility of safe, efficacious and quality pharmaceutical products to the public as well as protecting their interest via enforcement of relevant legislations, and ensuring rational use of medicines by both healthcare providers and patients.

ALERT CENTER Pharmacy provides comprehensive, 24-hour and 7 days pharmacy service for those patients who are in need of it with qualified and experienced pharmacy professionals.

The start of ART service, the opening of selling pharmacy and the progress in finding new way of service leads the pharmacy service to patient oriented activities.  Nowadays ALERT hospital pharmacy becomes one of the hospital pharmacies that provide patient oriented pharmacy service. The pharmacy case team has 10(ten) dispensing units, Drug information service as well as clinical pharmacy service each coordinated by licensed pharmacist.

Departments of ALERT hospital Pharmacy

Dispensing pharmacies

  1. Outpatient pharmacy
  2. Inpatient pharmacy
  3. Emergency pharmacy
  4. ART Adult pharmacy
  5. Pediatric pharmacy
  6. Chronic Disease Pharmacy
  7. Trauma pharmacy
  8. MDR pharmacy
  9. Gyn/ obstetrics pharmacy
  10. ALERT Community pharmacy No 1

Other pharmacy service

  1. Drug Information Service Office
  2. Clinical pharmacy service
  3. Drug Supply Management Office
  4. Central Pharmacy Store
  5. Drug Store
  6. Medical Supply Store
  7. ART Store
  8. Eye Department Store

ALERT Pharmacy Department

The ALERT CENTER pharmacy department has 31 pharmacists, 3 pharmacy technicians and 4 data clerks.  The hospital in general and the pharmacy department in particular works to implement the Ethiopian Hospital Reform Implementation Guideline and wishes to become one of the role model and contemporary hospital pharmacies in Ethiopia. ALERT CENTER is one of the health facilities that implement APTS and EHRIG standards effectively to make the Hospitals competent and role model health care centre nationally.

Mission: To provide safe, efficacious, cost effective and high quality medications to the patients in addition to pharmaceutical care in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communication.

Vision:  To see ALERT hospital pharmacy being role model and become one of the best and outstanding hospital pharmacies in Ethiopia.

Core Values:

  • Excellence and Patient Centered Care
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Respect and Teamwork


To provide the benefit a qualified hospital pharmacist to patient and health care institution to the allied health professional and the profession of pharmacy

  • To assist in providing an adequate and reliable pharmaceutical product supply
  • To assure high quality of professional practices through the establishment and maintenances of standards of professional ethics and education
  • To discriminate pharmaceutical knowledge by providing for interchange of information among hospitals pharmacists and with members of allied specialties and professionals
  • To provide safe and reliable extemporaneous pharmaceutical products for clients

In general the ALERT hospital pharmacy has achieved the above successes not only by the work of the pharmacy professionals but also their team work within them and with the other organizations like, MSH/SPS, JHU THEHAI, FMHACA, and PFSA. DEIVER PROJRCT, MOH, TB CARE, AAU school of pharmacy, EPA, SCMS, private suppliers etc. as well as different departments within the hospital including the hospital management.

Currently the pharmacy department already updates the ALERT MEDICINAL FORMULARY and published twelve standard operating procedures relevant to the pharmacy service.

The following lists are the lists of published twelve standard operating procedures

  • SOP FOR Extemporaneous Preparation
  • SOP FOR Counseling
  • SOP FOR Drug information Service
  • SOP FOR Drug Supply Management
  • SOP FOR Emergency Dispensing
  • SOP FOR medication dispensing
  • SOP FOR Monitoring DUE and ADR
  • SOP FOR Pediatric dispensing
  • SOP FOR preparation of Antiseptic, Disinfectants and Cleansing Chemicals
  • SOP FOR Pharmaceutical products procurement
  • SOP FOR Follow up of chronic Condition

Contact Person:

  1. Mrs. Bethelehem Gulelat, Bpharm, BA, MSc (pharmacoepidemiology and Social Pharmacy), Central Pharmacy case team leader, ALERT
  2. Mr. Yonas Ashebir, Bpharm, BA, MSc (pharmacoepidemiology and Social Pharmacy), Drug Supply Management case team coordinator, ALERT