Alert Center

Public Relations

Public Relations Directorate serves the CENTER as a bridge between the organization and public, a spokesperson for the organization and an outlet and inlet of information to the internal and external public.

Public Relations Directorate has the following specific objectives:-

Improve community ownership

The objective describes the focus on the ownership of the community and strengthened sense of belongingness; create mutual understanding and participation of community

  • Revising community Members /Representatives
  • Awareness creation on the community level
  • Promotion to organization objectives
  • Mobilizing the community for campaigns and implementing initiatives
  • Apply components of good governance
  • Maximizing awareness on good governance &citizen charter
  • Identifying “rent seeking” activities and acting accordingly
  • Managing client’s grievances
  • Developing& implementing Communication plan/ strategy (internal & external)
  • Strengthening the capacity building (staff skill develop/training,/ increase equipment
  • Design website develop

Alemsegaed Chane

Public Relations Director