Alert Center

Reform & quality management

RQM directorate is convened by ALERT CENTER to support technically medical as well as supportive service in order to improve the quality of health service delivery in the CENTER.

The RQM Team works on

  • Ensuring the continuing service
  • Improving the quality of service and
  • Obtain evidence to show that service meet given requirements

Main duties and responsibilities of the Directorate

  • Develop institutions performance and/ quality management strategy and present to senior management team for approval
  • Develop an implementation plan with auxiliary office for the overall improvement of hospital performance and monitor its execution
  • Ensures that performance management activities relate to the mission and vision of the institution and are aligned with the CENTER’s Strategic and annual plans
  • Coordinate all hospital performance improvement activities
  • Promote and support the participation of all staff in hospital performance improvement activities
  • Receive and analyze feedback information from customers
  • Receive clinical audit report and maintain a record of all clinical audit activities
  • Monitor KPI data performance
  • Monitor HMIS performance
  • Monitor BPR Implementation
  • Monitor overall implementation of EHRIG
  • Deliver the necessary information for customers
  • Facilitate best practice benchmarking
  • Conduct peer review in response to specific quality and safety concern and to take appropriate action and follow up when deficiencies are identified and
  • Update hospital staff on hospital performance improvement activities and findings include:-
    • Comparison across time
    • Comparison between case team/departments
    • Comparison with other health facilities

Contact person

Lisanawork |Girma

Reform and Quality Management Director