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Strategic Planning

Main duties and responsibilities of the Directorate

Strengthen HMIS

Conducting supportive supervision to generate high quality of data for evidence based decision making and monitoring and evaluating the performance of work units to improve quality of service.

  • Identify areas of monitoring and evaluation
  • Group the areas identified to their respective M&E implementer department
  • Prepare an M&E plan and implement
  • Reporting
  • Feedback

This department works to strengthen the implementation of HMIS by improving data recording, reporting and performance monitoring and evaluation using HMIS indicators to improve the quality of data and evidence based decision making.

  • Awareness creation at all levels about HMIS
  • Identification of problems in HMIS implementation
  • Manage the problems identified
  • Solve problems related to data contradiction
  • Computerize HMIS
  • Reporting
  • Feedback

Kassahun Gebre

Strategic planning Director