Alert Center


The ALERT MDR – TB Center was established as a center to provide service to MDR – TB patients on March 2011 G.C.  MDR – TB is a type of tuberculosis where the bacilli are resistant to at least both isoniazid and rifampicin. This MDR TB unit is functioning under the ALERT CENTER which is a federal Hospital and Training Center and is supported by USAID Challenge TB project. The unit has currently expanded to provide service to patients with pre – XDR TB and XDR TB patients.

Service Lists

MDR TB patients follow up

MDR TB patients Inpatient and Outpatient services

Counseling services for TB patients

MDR TB patients’ nutritional support

Outreach services at health center

Service Description

MDR TB patients follow up

Routine care is provided to MDR TB patients including clinical review like assessment of drug side effects, assessment of adherence problem and drug prescription. Sputum sample also collected on monthly base for culture and sputum microscopy.

In patient care is provided to patients who need admission like critically ill patients, those who developed side effects of drugs and those patients with poorly controlled co-morbidities. .

All services are provided free of charge.

Adherence counseling is provided to patients and their families before start of anti TB drugs and intensive adherence support is provided to those with poor adherence. Tracking of lost patients is done via phone call and health center visits.

Outpatient services

Outpatient services are provided to contacts of MDR TB patients and consultation from treatment follow up centers.

Outpatient nutritional support is given to MDR TB patient. Each patient provided a monthly fee for transportation and 1 food basket which contain different amount rice, lent, wheat flour, oil and Nido milk.

There is nutrition unit where malnourished MDR TB patients get supplementary and therapeutic foods follow up and nutrition counseling.

Outreach services at health center

Regular supportive supervision is done at least three times per week, anti- TB drugs also provided to the treatment follow up centers. Consultations are handled and difficult cases are discussed. Directly observed treatments are provided at treatment follow up centers.

Service information


Regular outpatient Service is provided on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 A.M to 12:00 A.M in the morning.

Referred patients get services at any time of the days.

In patient service is provided from Monday to Sunday any time of the day.

Number of staff

There is one Internist, three general practitioner, one pharmacy professional, 7 nurses, one phlebotomist, 2 cleaner, 1 social worker 1 IT service provider and 1 runner.

Patient Data as of Megabit 30 2017

Ever enrolled patients are about 416 patients

Currently on follow up 109 patients

Treatment complete 144 patients

Cured 88 patients

Lost to follow up 24 patients

Died 41 patients

Treatment failed 4 patients

Transfer out 6 patients

Transfer in 14 patients

Treatment success rate is approximately 75.6%

On average 30 patients are served at the outpatient department and the bed occupancy rate for the in patient service is 62.5 %.