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TOT on Consolidated HIV Care Training

Goal: To Provide Guidance on key operational and service delivery issues that need to be addressed to increase access to HIV services, strengthen the continuum of HIV care and further integrate the provision of ARV drugs into health systems

This 14 days training course is developed for health care professionals to deliver HIV counseling and point of care testing services for different target groups using different approaches (Client and provider-initiated testing and counseling ) following the standard national protocols and algorithms.
Course Objectives
By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:
– Describe basic facts of HIV/AIDS and overview of HTC
– Demonstrate basic HIV counseling skills
– Practice point of care HIV testing according to the national testing algorithm
-Provide client initiated HTC for individuals
-Provide client initiated HTC for couples
-Employ provider-initiated testing and counseling following the national guidelines
-Refer and link identified HIV infected individuals to care and treatment services
-Apply quality assurance schemes for HTC services
-Analyze recorded HTC data on regular bases for performance monitoring.

Course delivery format
The course is delivered using a variety of teaching methodologies including presentation and discussion, group work/ discussion, brainstorming, demonstration, role play, case studies, and practicum.

How to pass
Participants have to score a minimum of 70% out of 100% in the post-test.
Target Audience
This training course is intended to train all health cadres at all levels of healthcare tier including physicians, health officers, nurses, and midwives.
Any requirement to complete and take the course
Complete the registration form and make the required payment.

Target: This course is designed for internal auditor practitioners who want to learn the principles and concepts of risk and risk management, as well as the tools and techniques used to perform a risk-based audit

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Course Contact Person
Sr. Martha Fekadu, ALERT Training Center Directorate Director, or, Tel: 0931325520.