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Services include:

  • Tuition fee and refreshment services.
  • For full board: in addition to the above services it includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and room services.

Registration process:

  • Every registration must be complete three weeks prior to the training schedule.
  • All payments must be completed two weeks prior to the training schedule.
MonthCourse TitleNumber of days
Training scheduled dateCost per participant per training
DR-TB Training
6 Days in 4

{Jan 4-9/2021
(Jan11-16 2021)
( Jan 25-30 2021)

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Clinical Dermatology Training 19 DaysJan 4-22 2021 13075.70Click Here To Register
ICU Training 22 DaysFeb 1-6 /20213,178.16Click Here To Register
ATLS Training.7 Days
.Feb 22-28/20214447.43Click Here To Register
Neonatal Resuscitation & BNC3 DaysFeb 10-12/20211710.19Click Here To Register
Clinical Ophthalmology -Training1 MonthFeb 15-Mar 12/202116,613.30Click Here To Register
March.DR TB Training
6 Days
Mar 01-06/2021
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.Bio- safety &-
-Bio-Security Training
5 Days.Mar 08-12/2021.2,496.45Click Here To Register
IPC for supportive staff7 DaysMar 14-20/2021) 1,695.99Click Here To Register
Research Methodology5 DaysMar 15-19/20213,314.52Click Here To Register
SPSS Training5 DaysMar (22-26/20213,411.32Click Here To Register
Integrated Emergency
& critical care Training
.5 DaysMar 01-05/20213,216.68Click Here To Register
Nursing care and
-Assessment training
.20 DaysMar08-27/20214,447.43Click Here To Register
Surgical nursing care training
.3 DaysMar 29-31/20213249.68Click Here To Register
Pediatric Psychosocial Training3 DaysMar 31-Apr2/211,884.30Click Here To Register
AprilPain management training6 DaysApr 05-10/20213,807.98

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Facilitation Skill
6 DaysApr 05-10/20213,697.50Click Here To Register
3.Infection prevention and Control training for Health professionals16 DaysApr 12-27/20215160.41Click Here To Register
End user Bio-medical-equipment training
6 Days(Apr18-23/20212599.52Click Here To Register
May1.DR-TB Training
1.(6 Days)1.(May 03-08/21)


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2.End user Bio-medical -equipment training2.(5 Days)2.(May 03-07/21)2.(2,599.52)Click Here To Register
3.Grant development &-Management Training3.(6Days)3.(May 10-15/21)3.(4747.16)Click Here To Register
ART Training13 DaysMay 10-22/2112,697.39Click Here To Register
JunePediatric Psychosocial Training
4 DaysJune 02-05/20211,884.30Click Here To Register
Research Methodology2.(5 Days)2.(June 07-112021)2.((3,314.52)Click Here To Register
SPSS Training
3.(5 Days)3.(June 14-18/2021)3.(3,411.32)Click Here To Register
DR-TB Training4.6 Days)4.(June 21-26/2021)4.( 3,178.16)Click Here To Register
July1.Integrated Emergency &critical care Training

1.(5 Days1. (July 05-09/2021)


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2.Pediatric Psychosocial Training2.(4 Days)2.(July 14-17/2021 )2.( 1,884.30)Click Here To Register
3.TB, Leprosy & HIV/AIDS Training7 Days3.( July 19-25/2021)3.( 3,201.92)Click Here To Register
AugustGood compounding-Practice training5 DaysAug 02-06/2021
2,496.45Click Here To Register
PMTCT Training12 DaysAug 16-27/202114,833.02Click Here To Register
October1ART Pharmacy Training
6 Days
Oct 04-09/2021
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.ART Training3 DaysOct 11-23/2021 12,697.39Click Here To Register
November1.Research Methodology
5 Days
1.( Nov 01-05/2021)
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SPSS Training5 DaysNov 08-12/20213,411.32Click Here To Register
DecemberDR-TB Training06 DaysDec 25-30/20213,178.164,451.48Click Here To Register


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