Alert Center


Trauma (Emergency) Department

ALERT TRAUMA Center is opened in the year June 19 2015 for the community in all emergencies great and small. The doctors, physician assistants and nurses are specially trained for emergency conditions and to provide emergency care 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Our Emergency Department is specialized and designed for the care of patients with acute accident and/or injuries.  Trauma Center is the first area hospital to have this designation. And as an  Primary Stroke Center, our facility gives our community access to CRC care,

Our newly  Trauma Center includes:

  • Four departments (Emergency and training are , intensive care unit(ICU) operation room(OR) and surgical ward
  • In each department there are different service given properly and our Intensive care department have three well equipped beds and 13 trained nurse , General practitioners, and senior consultants attending the patients 24 hours and 7 days in a week
  • a clinical decision unit consists a minor treatment area
  •  with a nurses station and four observation rooms
  • a triage area
  • In third quarter of 2016, ALERT TRAUMA Center’s Emergency Department reported more than 1603 emergency visits. As a non-profit community hospital, we provide care to all persons regardless of the ability to pay.

Hospital Services

Center is always improving and expanding its facilities to meet the needs of the surrounding communities.

Areas Served

To the right you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the services available to patients throughout ALERT Center. The center is proud to serve local residents in  Addis Ababa and surrounding areas.

Our Employees & Medical Staff

The trauma members   are friends who work as nurses, physical therapists, radiology technologists, social workers, medical and technical professionals, administrative personnel and important support staff including food services, building maintenance and financial services