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ALERT was Initially a leprosarium established by the Sudan interior Mission(SIM) In 1934.Its establishment the Hospital was given high attention by the emperor H/Selassie I and named it after his daughter Princess Zenebework Memorial Hospital.

As a result of an increase in the Magnitude of Leprosy and its Impact in Africa, the idea of establishing a leprosy training center for was conceived by many international donor agencies which was the basis for Princess Zenebework Memorial Hospital to be converted to ALERT on December11,1965.

ALERT is the highest Level of Referral Hospital For Leprosy Complications in and also a WHO recognized international Leprosy training Centers.


Our Services

Our Services

Preserve and restore the vision is the singular mission of the Department of Ophthalmology at ALERT Hospital. This clinic is well known and recognized   nationally and internationally by its services and the staff serves as clinicians …
ALERT TRAUMA Center is opened in the year June 19 2015 for the community in all emergencies great and small. The doctors, physician assistants and nurses are specially trained for emergency conditions and to provide emergency care …
General Surgery
General surgery have its own operation room run by 3 senior general surgeons of rich experience. It is helping many patients and has surgical schedule every day through the week. The surgeons also play a big role in the surgical …

ACCL will provide the highest quality of laboratory services to Clients by encouraging its laboratory personnel to continuously update its education and laboratory experience and to acquire the state of the art equipment …
ALERT center dental department was established with in the hospital to provide services for the community around it. Later on the department service expanded and service are being delivered to the community.
The obstetrics and gynecology department has progressively developed over the past 5years. We have 2 Gynecologists, 17 midwifes, 9 nurses and 10 scrub nurses which are well experienced and qualified. The outpatient clinic is open 5 weekdays…