Alert Center

Women and Youth Affaire

Main duties and responsibilities of the Directorate

  • Offering Gender training (Gender responsive training) to the centers’ staff
  • Evaluating the impact and achievements marked due to Gender guidelines (GRB guideline) , gender training ( GRB training)
  • Reviewing the gender responsiveness of the policies, development strategies, programs, regulations and guidelines of the ALERT CENTER.
  • Forming a coalition and working network with women and youth entities inside and out side the CENTER
  • In collaboration with the responsible department organizing educational and capacity building training for women employees of the institutions
  • Reviewing budget request documents, attending budget hearing with comments on the reviewed budget requests
  • Monitoring the gender responsiveness of the CENETERs’ Different program
  • Organizing the employee profile of the organization in sex disaggregated data
  • • Reviewing the implementation of GRB and identifying the challenges and indicating the appropriate solutions for the challenges
  • Conducting an assessment on the economic and social status of women of ALERT CENTER

Tesfanesh Goa

Women and Youth Affair Director